K9 Ancestral is More Than Just Dog Food

We're the secret recipe for a happy and healthy pet. No more wondering if your dog is getting the nutrients they need. No more making monthly trips to the vet. This whole food recipe will support your dog for life. That you can count on!


We make our products with only the best ingredients to make sure your dog is happy and healthy. Just hear what our customers have to say!

This Food Helped My Doggy

Since we found K9 Ancestral Diet my Mini Aussie, Skye, has not seen a veterinarian in over a year. She was suffering from major digestive issues at 3-months and we were taking her to the veterinarian every week. After trying everything out there, we started her on K9 Ancestral Diet she started to recover within the first 2 weeks and now she is off all medication.

At 2 years old, she is doing amazing and we only go the the veterinarian for her yearly check up. I would really recommend this dog food because it is pure and simple. It works especially for dogs with sensitive systems.

- Holly Connell

Why Choose K9?

Grain Free

We're cautious of our ingredient selection and use only the best which is why our products are grain free!

High Quality

Raw dog food is 99% digestible, resulting in smaller stools and increased activity for all organs.

Always Fresh

Frozen to insure quality and freshness. No intense heating that denatures the quality of the food.

Top Nutrients

No bi-products, no preservatives, your pet's daily dose of Omega 3's and prebiotics for a healthy gut!

This food has improved the quality of life for both our dogs!

K9 Ancestral Diet is the best! Our pup, Dolby, is trained to work with our son, Nicolas, who has a brain-based disability. He is Nic’s best buddy and lifeline to the world, so we want him happy, healthy and around for a long time. Plus he’s an all around sweetie. So, when we were introduced to K9 Ancestral Diet, it was a Godsend. Dolby loves them, and we like knowing he’s getting quality, all-natural ingredients, nothing processed or artificial. Now my sister and two of her friends use K9 Ancestral Diet as well. We’re pretty picky, and couldn’t be happier with K9 Ancestral Diet!

- D. Barber

My dogs are picky eaters but I haven't had any trouble getting them to eat this. Good quality food! - C. Mitchell

This is the only food you should be feeding your dog. Throw out that store-bought dry dog food (since it goes rancid in a week anyway) and get K9 Ancestral! They make what nature intended. You can choose from beef, bison, or lamb. Loren & crew are very helpful and you can call with any questions or get advice if you need to. My pup gives it 4 paws up! - C. Dragos