Why You Should Start Feeding Raw

It’s the same way you start changing your personal health habits. Everything is fine and that second bag of Cheetos on your desk doesn’t bother you, but then, one day, it’s not okay anymore. Whether a health scare sends you to the hospital or you just notice that you’re tired and should have more energy, it’s clear that a health change is in order. We saw the same things in our pets and we wanted to ensure that our best friends were getting the nutrients they needed to live long healthy lives. After all, these are our babies. We expect them to be here for the long haul!

Benefits of Raw Dog Food

So what will you notice when you start feeding your dog K9 Ancestral Diet? There are a lot of things. But you’ll definitely notice a difference in their skin and coats. There will be a new shine to your pup with healthy skin that isn’t dry, flaky or itchy. Especially if you dog has an allergy you don’t know about, this difference will be night and day.

Does your dog have bad breath? How about bad gas? Both of these things, while not fixed 100% will show a difference after switching to raw dog food. 

Of course, one of the best results of the raw dog food diet is giving your dog back its energy. Just like you might feel brain fog after a processed meal, your dog does too. The natural ingredients in K9 Ancestral Diet provide energy that’s sustainable and keeps your dog ready for your adventures.

What’s In Raw Dog Food

K9 Ancestral Diet was created with the foundation of love. Love of owners and the love of a vet. We came together to formulate a diet that would create a nutritional balance with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats. Just like all the ingredients we need to run optimally, our dogs need them too. 

Our belief is that the food you feed is critical to the well-being of your pet. Look at the food you are feeding. Does it look grey or brown or does it look like fresh ground beef? What is the quality of the products in the food? All of our ingredients are “human grade” – meaning that we use food fresh from the restaurant supply chain and the meats from the suppliers. All of our ingredients can be safely eaten by humans because nothing is “end of life” or not USDA certified. We are the only raw frozen dog food that has a “window” to let you see the quality of the food before you buy the bag. We want you to compare ours against every other bag of food!

How Much Should You Be Feeding

Now, when we bring a new family member in, we start our puppies off with a diet to mimic their adult weight. This means that if they’ll grow up to be 50 lbs, we give the amount of food a 50lb dog would eat. During their younger years, this seems like it would be a lot, but they grow so quickly and run through energy, that they need a high-calorie count to continue growing. 

The K9 Ancestral Diet is designed to be fed twice a day. Optimally start in the morning when you eat breakfast and again in the late afternoon around 4-5 PM. This gives your pet a “fasting period” of around 15 hours which helps him properly metabolize all of his dietary intake.

Become A K9 Ancestral Diet Dog

Whether your dog is in and out of the vet, has less energy, or is scratching all the time, it might be time to switch your pup to a raw dog food diet. The increase in nutrients they’ll receive while avoiding the major allergens will bring them back to their best selves. And what dog owner wouldn’t want that?