Raw Dog Food Vs. Raw Meat

As more and more dog owners dive into the nutrition of their pets they start to see how kibble just isn’t providing their pup with everything they need to live a long and happy life. From the daily need of macro nutrients to the overlook mico nutrients, just like us, you dog has a lot of needs when it comes to their food which is why we see a raw meat diet as an incomplete one. 

What is a Raw Meat Diet?

Like it sounds, a raw meat diet is feeding your dogs straight raw meat. There’s no additives just what most of us would think our dogs get in the wild. BUT our dogs would have gotten so much more in the wild too. Aside from farm raised meats being lower in nutritional value than the meat our pets might have hunted in the wild, they’re also missing the key micro nutrients that our dogs would have hunted out as well. Just like us they were “hunters and gatherers” appreciating the taste and benefits of fresh berries and plants they discovered in nature. 

Stick to Raw Dog Food, not Raw Meat

Raw meat sounds like a great idea, but unlike K9 Ancestral Diet, it’s missing a ton of key ingredients to make sure that your dog is getting everything they need to stay healthy. Things like fiber, the correct portion of fat and protein, and a prebiotic to aid in good digestive health. Not only will you get all ingredients your dog needs but they’re the highest quality too. Sourced from restaurant supply stores, supplement markets, NEVER end of life meat and always fresh, K9 Ancestral Diet is human grade food for your dog. It’s why every pup that tries it, gives it two paws up. 

Save Time with K9’s Raw Dog Food

The greatest gift we can give you is the chance to have more time with your furry best friend. That’s why choosing K9 Ancestral Diet instead of a homemade raw meat diet is better. From sourcing the ingredients to preparing each meal, it can take up more time than you have to spare. With K9 our raw dog food is packaged in 4 oz patties to make it easy for you to know how much your dog needs per meal (4 oz per 25 lbs at full-growth weight, 2x a day). Don’t worry about adding calories or checking the micro and macro nutrients, instead spend more time playing with your pup and watching as they light up with more energy from this high-quality dog food!

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