K9 Ancestral Diet FAQ

Switching from kibble to raw food can feel overwhelming if not completely crazy as a dog mom (or dad). But like us, you want the best for your dog. So if you’re on the fence about raw dog food or aren’t sure how to get started, we’ve got you covered. Get all the answers to our most frequently asked question. And if you have more, we’re always here to help at Contact@k9ancestral.com

What’s in K9 Ancestral Diet?

The ingredients include: Beef/Lamb/Bison (depending on which flavor you purchase), Sweet Potatoes, Beef Livers, Beef Hearts, Spinach, Applesauce (Apples, Water, Apple Juice from Concentrate), Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Egg, Flaxseed, Cooked Bone Meal, Cod Liver Oil, Ground Ginger, Dried Kelp, Vitamin E Supplement

How much is a serving size?

One 4 oz patty per 25lbs twice a day. You’ll feed based on their growth weight, or the weight they’ll be when they’re full grown. This works for dogs at any age!

How many bags a month will my dog need?

Our bags are 4lbs with 16, 4 oz patties. Based on your dogs size (or growth weight) we determine how many bags you’ll need. A rough guide is:

  • 0-13 lbs: 2 bags (½ a patty 2x a day)
  • 14-25 lbs: 4 bags (1 patty 2x a day)
  • 26-40 lbs: 6 bags (1.5 patties 2x a day)
  • 41-55 lbs: 8 bags (2 patties 2x a day)
  • 56-70 lbs: 10 bags (2.5 patties 2x a day) 

Can I feed my dog a mix of kibble and raw dog food?

While we suggest going to a full raw dog food diet, you can mix your kibble with your k9 ancestral. You won’t be getting the full amount of nutrients promised since you’ll be using smaller portions but your dog will still feel a difference. 

Does a raw food diet create bad gas for dogs?

No, just the opposite.  Without the fillers of traditional dry food, Raw is much more digestible resulting in almost no gas.

Can I just start giving my dog raw dog food after being on kibble?

We recommend that you slowly transition your dog over the course of a week to ease them into their new way of eating. Changing their diet can be hard on their systems and cause loose stool and gas. By easing it in, you get them more comfortable with their new diet. 

Can I just feed my dog raw meat from the grocery store?

You can; however, that is not a complete diet.  K9 Ancestral is a complete meal (as certified by the State of Colorado and AFCO) and fills all your dogs daily nutritional requirements, including all the supplements and micronutrients you dog needs to stay healthy.

What are the best treats to give my dog?

We try to keep treat giving to a minimum but when we do give treats they’re always homemade.  We make our dog’s homemade treats with fresh ingredients of pumpkin, whole grain oats, coconut oil and peanut butter (please note that we do not believe in giving dogs very much grains and there are no grains in K9 Ancestral diet).  An occasional treat is exactly what it is, a treat!

Does K9 Ancestral Diet have a probiotic?

YES! K9 Ancestral Diet uses human grade supplements to ensure that your best friend is getting the very best and this include a probiotic and probiotics to keep their guts healthy.

Can puppies eat a raw food diet?

Absolutely! Starting your puppy off on a healthy diet is the best way to ensure that you are providing them a healthy life. As said before, you’ll feed your puppy based on what their full grown weight is supposed to be to ensure they’re getting enough nutrients to grow up big and strong. 

Are there any breeds that shouldn’t be on a raw food diet

Not in our opinion but please check with your veterinarian for your specific breed. 

Where are your ingredients sourced from?

All ingredients are sourced from Restaurant supply stores or straight from the meat plant. They are human-grade so that your dog gets the most out of their meals. This also means that we NEVER use end of life meat. The added supplements are also human-grade, purchased from Bulk Supplements and Nuts.com. K9 Ancestral Diet is so high grade that even you could eat it! (Although we don’t suggest humans eating raw…)