Frozen Raw Dog Food

Some of you may be asking, why is K9 Ancestral Diet frozen?  Well, there’ a very special reason behind why our frozen raw dog food is manufactured and shipped out the way it is.

Freezing our raw beef, bison and lamb products ensures that the food stays in its peak freshness – so that when it comes time for your dog to enjoy our healthy natural foods, it’s in the best state it can be.

Picture this – most folks choose to feed their dogs dry kibble that comes in thirty to fifty pound bags.   Most also don’t utilize any sort of container that will keep the dry food fresh, so by the time you are feeding what’s at the bottom of the bag, any nutrients that may have been in the food are tainted by exposure to oxygen, moisture or the sunlight.  The advantage that K9 Ancestral diet’s frozen raw dog food has is a huge one – the nutrition stays in the food!

Our frozen raw dog food comes in convenient cut away packages – just grab the bag from the freezer, cut as many portions as desired, and thaw in your fridge until it’s dinner time!   We want our pets to eat the very best and get the vital nutrition that bigger commercial dog foods substitute with fillers, grains and other things dogs were never meant to eat.  With K9 Ancestral Diet, you can ensure that your four legged best friend is obtaining all the nutrition he needs and satisfying his primal instincts for raw, delicious meats.